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CAYLER & SONS Black Label

As with many brands in the world of streetwear and fashion, CAYLER & SONS has introduced a Black Label program to its collection to deliver additional items of the brands characteristic streetwear designs while simultaneously introducing additional material and accessory options. While the regular in-line collection of CAYLER & SONS (also known as the White Label program) is inspired by influences from the worlds of music – specifically rap and hip hop of course – entertainment and popular culture and relies heavily on loud and more colorful graphics (oftentimes delivering a humorous twist or ironic wink in the process) the brand’s Black Label line has been launched with a different, slightly more grown-up goal in mind.

CSBL takes many cues from the world of fashion and delivers its own unique points of view on the latest trends and subjects which can be seen throughout the Black Label collection. In contrast to the White Label designs, CSBL is nimbler and more eager to adapt to new trends when it comes to cuts and designs. While the regular collection mostly sticks with proven winners, CSBL regularly introduces additional cuts (from oversized drop shoulder styles to extra-long scallop designs) to their lineup, always following the very latest developments in streetwear and fashion.

CSBL – Always on top

In addition, CAYLER & SONS Black Label makes great use of its freedom to experiment more with different fabrics, heavier grammage and a wide variety of details and accessories. CSBL products can boast premium chenille fabrics, additional zippers or heavy distress patterns for example. The added invest in materials and accessories is what ultimately results in the slight difference in pricing between CSBL products and their respective counterpart in the White Label collection. In true CAYLER & SONS fashion, CSBL also delivers the matching set of snapback and curved caps for all of the label’s apparel design themes.