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Bucket hats – casual street style

Many might remember the bucket hat, a traditional fisherman’s item, from the 90s and early 2000s but the streetwear scene has re-discovered the hat in recent years and has made it a staple item in its headwear game. Different models with a wide variety of designs – from toned-down looks to head-turning all-over prints – make the bucket hat a perfect complementary piece for the modern streetwear outfit. CAYLER & SONS prides itself in delivering a diversified lineup of bucket hats to match the latest releases from the brand’s apparel collections.

Most of CAYLER & SONS’ bucket hats are made from artificial fibers and oftentimes boast eye-catching all-over prints or even photo prints. Selected buckets hats are made from a combination of cotton and PU leather though, giving these versions a distinct upscale streetwear look. One of the most popular bucket hat designs was created in collaboration with German rapper Marsimoto, featuring an elaborate embroidery of the rapper’s logo on the side of the hat.

Elevated street style – classic fedora hats by CAYLER & SONS

In addition to the sporty bucket hats, CAYLER & SONS’ range of premium headwear also includes a selection of classic men’s hats to give the streetwear customer an unmatched selection of street style headwear. The Classy Fedora hat, rivaling New York’s 1930s gangsters, and the Luigi Straw Hats, sticking out from the crowd with its colorful ribbon, provide streetwear customers with an alternative to the omnipresent snapback and curved caps.